About Us

Tamils' Information Its origin and growth

Tamils'Information was first published in February 1991 to fulfill a growing need for information and guidance among the new immigrants within the Tamil community. As a monthly publication it provided vital information on a wide range of subjects that included immigration, education, health care, social services and many other issues of common concern to newcomers.

Along the years of its growth Tamils' Information came to occupy a unique place among Canadian Tamils by recognizing and promoting the contributions and achievements of many outstanding individuals and groups not only among the Tamils but also in the larger mainstream Canadian society. The needs of our community have changed in many ways since 1991 and Tamils' Information has always kept itself abreast with these changes and has continued to provide the required information and guidance to meet the emerging needs.

We have come a long way since 1991 in our journey of serving the community and are now celebrating our 24th year of publication with our February issue (2015). This is certainly a historic moment for us and we take pride in looking back at our successful journey.

We are immensely thankful to our community for their continued support and encouragement over the years. At this point we wish to emphasize that Tamils' Information is a completely community funded publication and we do not receive any form of financial assistance from any government agencies what so ever.

Our annual awards

Our annual awards ceremony in February is sponsored by the members of our business community and we remain indebted to them for their generosity without whom our journey could not have come this far. The sponsors of the various annual awards deserve our very special thanks and appreciation for it is their support and commitment that has brought us this far. We salute our advertisers and sponsors with our deepest gratitude for walking with us for the past 24 years.

Looking at the array of our award recipients is a joyous exercise in itself. The individuals we have honoured are held in high esteem by our community for their outstanding contributions. These eminent men and women come from diverse professional backgrounds and their service to the community include the areas of medicine, education, arts and culture, the media, community service, and entrepreneurship among many others. We are especially proud to have honored the Toronto Star newspaper with a special award.

The list of eminent persons honoured by us include the late Madam Nancy Pocock O.Ont, Dr.Tom Clarke, Kim Phuc - UNICEF Peace Ambassador, Madeline Ziniak O.C,, Miranda Pinto, Ali Gholapour, Pam McConnell and Professor Peter Schalk.

We have recognized and honoured eminent persons from the international Tamil Diaspora in a very special way for their special contribution to our community, thus giving Tamils' Information international respect and recognition. Very special mention has to be made of our student/youth award recipients who have felt highly motivated and encouraged in their endeavours by our honour.

Our total number of award recipients is 223 so far and we hope we can honour many more. Tamils' Information hopes to continue its journey in the service of our community with commitment, dedication and solidarity and we invite everyone to join us on the path of our history. The journey of service to human kind will never end until human kind remains committed to serving one another.